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Secretariat Essay

Everyone needs a hero. In this story we have two. One is a huge horse, Red color, known to friends and the family as the Big Red but then it will be called Secretariat. The other is a self titled housewife from Denver, less recognized, she is so gentle and charismatic as she can. Her name is Penny Chenery Tweedy, and the faith that has boost in her horse will launch the whole country, will revolutionize the horse racing and eventually change the course of her life completely.

Based on a true story, the chronicle SECRETARIAT is spectacular because it wins the Triple Crown in 1973.Housewife and mother, Penny, agrees to manage the Meadow Stable in Virginia belonging to his sick father. Against all forecasts and with the help of a veteran trainer, Lucien, manages to break through in this business dominated by men, who would eventually be hosting the first Triple Crown winner in 25 years and, but, the best racehorse of all time.

The secretariat movie is a story about a horse and his owner, Penny Chenery . Penny is a housewife with some kids and a accountant husband, the story is more around the life of Penny than the history about the horse, obviously the horse challenges are the best parts of the movie but this is full drama between his owner and over the risk of losing all the farm where his father was engaged in horse breading all his life, trough financial issues. The horse is named in first place to "Big Red" but for something related to rules the name was changed to "Secretariat".

When Penny decide to lead the farm his father is very affected by a Alzheimer´s disease and the person in charge of the vital part of the farm that is the horse breading is corrupted and are selling horses without the owners authorization and for that reason she fires the person in charge and thinks about to lead the farm. Now she have a farm to lead, without any much experience. With very high hope she decides to sell one of two horses at the disposal, a mare or a male who is a millionaire racehorse, decides at random by flipping a coin to purchase the horse, leaving Penny the horse which then becomes a legend.

Personally, we think that this is a great movie, because it teaches us not to surrender to the obstacles we face in life. There is nothing impossible to do in this world. Nowadays there are many people who give up often for silly things that make no sense, other personas give up for things hard to overcome, but in the end they all give up easily, without knowing that there is always something to do about it. Also based on the movie, we think there should be no discrimination in all of us, we should not discriminate against people because of their sex, color or their preferences, we can all accomplish the same goals or pursue the same dreams.

In conclusion, this film was made for this we talk before, to make people awareness about life, to let them know that in life, it will always exists good times and also difficult times. But no matter what, pursue your dreams and as the saying goes ''perseveres and you will succeeds.''

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